About Us

“REDERA INDIA Pvt. Ltd.” is incorporated on 15th of August 2017 by Dr. Ramchandrappa ML, as its Chairman & Managing Director (CMD). He is basically mechanical Engineer by profession and having experience of 15 years in Automobile Industry. He also worked in Insurance Sector for 10 years & his consultancy got ISO 9001:2000 Certification within a short span of time!

He was fascinated with the beauty of “Leveraging Concept” in the “DIRECT SELLING INDUSTRY” & realized the true potential to build huge Business. Thus he worked with various Direct Selling Company for almost 10 years and achieved Top Ranks in all those Companies.

Later he observed that majority of Direct Selling Company provide meager profit margin to its Distributors, ignoring the all-out efforts, time & money invested by them to build Brand Image. Many companies least bothered about the quality & safety of the products they render, even for the Dietary Supplements. Later during the Growth Phase, many Companies deviate from the basic ethics & push the middle & lower layer of key Leaders troubles. Most of the Companies do not follow a basic Education System to support & ensure the Success of every Distributor.

Hence, he decided to float a new Direct selling Company with the Best ever Pay Plan in the Direct Selling Company with transparency, devoid of all the above unhealthy/unethical practices & ensure to protect the genuine interests of every layer of Leaders, serve 100% safe & quality products to its Customers. He decided to run the Company with a Success Proven Basic Education System which enables every Distributor to succeed.